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Fright Night This Friday June 5th / Noah's BDay / ASPCM / Monster Protest info

Fright Night This Friday June 5th / Noah's BDay / ASPCM / Monster Protest info

This Friday, not only is it Noah K's BDay, but the long awaited return of Fright Night.

We hope to see you there. You can get advance tickets by going here.

Frightday June 5th Fright Night
@ Warner Grand Theater 478 West 6th Street in San Pedro, Ca
$13 All Ages BO opens @ 7pm / Doors @ 7:30pm / Show Starts @ 8:30pm
Dont be late!

Feature 1: House on Haunted Hill (1959) Staring Vincent Price
and presented in Emergo.
Feature 2: Grave of the Vampire (1974)
Live Performance by: Coffin Draggers & Miss Bonnie Delight
Raffle after the first intermission where you could win a DEAD BODY!!

So now the Monsters have website for the

Press Release


Noah Korda - Founder/executive producer


Richard Becker - Co-producer


For immediate release:

June 2, 2009

Monster protest against FRIGHT NIGHT at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro: “WE SHALL OVERCOME!”

Fright Night producers undaunted by picketing from a legion of Hell’s monsters

LOS ANGELES, CA—“Don’t listen to a bunch of worm-eaten ghouls!” shouted Fright Night producer Noah Korda. “Come to FRIGHT NIGHT this Friday and have a spine-chilling good time for only thirteen dollars!” But Korda was not alone in the streets of San Pedro on the afternoon of Sunday, May 31, as the glorious Warner Grand Theater was picketed by ghastly specters and goblins from the ASPCM — the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Monsters.

The diabolical creatures shambled back and forth in front of the beautiful art deco theater, waving claws and signs with slogans such as, “BOOOO TO FRIGHT NIGHT” and “UNFAIR TO UNDEAD.” Their protest was timed to inform the public about alleged “bad working conditions for monsters” at the monthly live shows that combine hilariously bad horror movies, great bands, sexy burlesque and big surprises.

Korda persisted, despite the occasional attempt to devour his brain and other vital organs. “What these monsters don’t understand is that we’re doing them a favor. Without FRIGHT NIGHT, who would keep them busy scaring audiences? We’ve got a great show for a low price, with bands like The Coffin Draggers, Frankenstein, Rosemary’s Billygoat, and the

Mad Marionettes, plus pulse-pounding burlesque from Miss Bonnie Delight. Not to mention a terrific selection of vendors. With a lineup like this, the monsters will be busier than they’ve been in years… and they’ll love it!”

Co-producer Richard Becker added, “And don’t forget, we give discounts for groups and birthday parties. The monsters will have a party like they’ve never had before. How can they complain?

But somehow ASPCM members say they can. “Korda and Becker aren’t listening to us yet, but they will. We’ll be back to protest again… and again… and AGAIN! We won’t give up until the public KNOWS how we’re being treated at FRIGHT NIGHT!”

Fright Night producers say they’ll be ready for as many marches as the creeping terrors want to stage.

A historic site — the center of supernatural controversy?

This past Sunday’s monster protest took place just outside one of L.A.’s great theatrical treasures, the Warner Grand Theater, site of FRIGHT NIGHT. The historic Warner Grand opened in 1931, billed as “The Castle of Your Dreams,” designed for film and vaudeville shows. Its beautiful art deco design is lovely from the outside and astounding on the inside. Built by the Pantages chain, the theater was in decline for some years until historians, preservationists and the city of Los Angeles worked together to preserve it. You can learn more about the Warner Grand at, and you can find out about helping keep the Warner Grand alive at

Keep informed online

Find out more about Fright Night at

Find out more about the ASPCM please go to or



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