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Fright Night this FRI 9/11 w/FRANKENSTEIN

Fright Night this FRI 9/11 w/FRANKENSTEIN

Monster Protests Don’t Daunt Producers; Horror Host Returns to “Ruin” Your Evening

Next Fright Night is Friday September 11th,

Buy your tickets in advance @ the Fright Night website.

Press Release
Noah Korda
Founder/executive producer

Richard Becker

For immediate release:
September 7, 2009

FRIGHT NIGHT Scares Audiences at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro

Monster Protests Don’t Daunt Producers; Horror Host Returns to “Ruin” Your Evening

LOS ANGELES, CA—Flying skulls and talking heads run wild at the historic Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro this Friday night, September 11, as Fright Night returns for another gruesome triumph. “We’ve got it all,” says Fright Night founder, producer, and regular host Noah Korda. “Two monster movies, one band, old-fashioned burlesque, raffles, and vendors, all for just $13. People love it!”

Despite ghostly manifestations, monster picket lines from the A.S.P.C.M. (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Monsters –, fainting patrons, frozen corpses won in raffles, screams in the night, and other frightful surprises, Fright Night continues to thrill and amuse audiences in San Pedro. And this time, there’s a new nightmare to add to the occasion: A “threatened” guest (ghost) host, Doctor Morbius. “He’s like a walking dead guy who sells used cars – or in this case, used horror movies,” says co-producer Richard Becker. “And he owes me fifty bucks.”

Nobody knows what exactly to expect from this scarifying hilarity at the Warner Grand, but you can look forward to Miss Bonnie Delight and all her “hex appeal” with her mysterious and exotic Serpent Dance From the Basket (“She IS the serpent!”), plus wacky raffle prizes and fun galore.

Expect the unexpected and be ready for fun when you join the gang at FRIGHT NIGHT on September 11 at the Warner Grand Theater!

A historic site with room for plenty of Fright (Night)
Fright Night happens every month at one of L.A.’s great theatrical treasures, the historic Warner Grand Theater. Opened in 1931 and designed for film and vaudeville shows, the Warner Grand was billed as “The Castle of Your Dreams,” with a beautiful art deco design that is lovely from the outside and astounding on the inside. Built by the Pantages chain, the theater was in decline for some years until historians, preservationists, and the city of Los Angeles worked together to preserve it. You can learn more about the Warner Grand at

The Host With The Least – the Man of Your Bad Dreams – Doctor Morbius
Clambering out of his Movie Mausoleum with a smile (and some pinmold) on his lips, Doctor Morbius is the latest (and most awful) of the great old L.A. tradition of horror hosts. If you’re unfortunate enough to want to know more about him, check out

Keep informed online
Find out more about Fright Night at


Next Fright Night is
Frightday September 11th 2009

Noah K. Presents
Double Feature 50's & 60's Bad Horror Movie Show

Our features for the evening.
The Screaming Skull
The Saved Hitler's Brain

With your host for the evening
The Host With The Least – the Man of Your Bad Dreams – Doctor Morbius

Featuring Live on Stage
Miss Bonnie Delight
with all of her "Hex-Appeal"

Anything can happen - AND IT PROBABLY WILL

Plus The Fright Night Raffle
where you could win a dead body.
Creepy weird Tunes Provided by Noah K
And Fright Night Vendors.

Only $13 (What a Bargain!)
Located at the Warner Grand Theater
478 West 6th Street in San Pedro, CA
Box Office Opens @ 7:30pm Doors open @ 7:30pm Show Starts @ 8:30pm
All Ages, Spirits and Boos for Boils and Ghouls 21+ w/ID
It will scare the YELL out of you!
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